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Dream of a Transcendent Love--A Poem

Dream of a Transcendent LoveIt was another night when the poetry gods called my name barring me from sleep until I wrote this poem on August 4, 2020 in the year of the pandemic. I posted the poem on my social media page by August 5th with plans to have the poem appear in Chapter 31 of the novel in progress. That did not happen. The muse intervened feeling the poem belongs in a later chapter. The poem serves as an original work of a character in the novel, a fictitious poet whose works were discovered decades after the Spanish American War in the Philippines in 1898. Here is the English translation of verses allegedly written in Hiligaynon (Ilongo-Filipino) and Spanish.

I consider this poem a critical piece in my creative work over the years. Thanks to my ever-supportive literary advisor Ken Miller who plays his role over and above expectations and fuels my imagination without my knowing at times. His feedback after his first reading of the poem: “Your new poem makes me want to spend th…
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Remembering Montreal and Burt Bacharach

REMEMBERING MONTREAL AND BURT BACHARACHby Lu SobredoIt was a warm summer night in 1988. It was my first trip to Montreal, Canada. I did not know what to expect. I would soon discover when I picked up the hotel phone. Those were the days before cell phones. For the first time in my entire adult life, I traveled outside the U.S. by myself.I had traveled with my family in my youth. And after college and a job that pays, I traveled with my college best friend Donna to Hawaii and all over Europe, except Spain. Spain came later as my destination of choice after I married the love of my life in the early 1990s.But back to my first night in Montreal. I picked up the hotel phone to call home to reassure my Papa and Grandpa (I lost Mom to the big C only six years before) that I arrived safely in a luxurious Marriott Hotel in Montreal. The shocking part was discovering that the phone operator greeted you in French. I was rattled at first, found myself responding in Spanish. How ironic, I thought…