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Mother's Day Lessons of the Heart: Poem #12

POEM #12 INTRODUCTION Poem #12 does not really need an introduction. Not in my wildest dreams could I have surmised that my poetry muse would visit in late Winter 2020. And by this Spring, I have already written a dozen poems in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.  Conjuring how I could express thoughts about Mother for Mother's Day, this poem came to me unexpectedly, full of sentiment and candor. These words were familiar as they were somehow etched in the recesses of my brain from long ago. They would at times appear in my dreams. Mother appears in my dreams often enough, I am taking such sign from her that I am to set the words free. The old photo is from my maternal grandfather's collection; thanks to him I have a few I've grown to treasure as I age. This photo is who my Mother was, is and always will be in my mind's eye. This is the beautiful woman who raised me. My Mother in Her Youth. ©Lu Sobredo Collection MOTHER'S DAY LE