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Life With RA: The Early Signs and More, Article #6

LIFE WITH RA SERIES: Article #6 by Lu Sobredo On good days my invisible disease stays invisible. Invisible that is until others see me with a walking cane. That’s when I get the quizzical look along with the common refrain: “But you look so good.” But it doesn't feel good when pain is a daily companion. There are days when I wish I could turn back the clock. Back to when I felt whole and my pain was incidental. Traveling in Barcelona With My Walking Cane. ©James Sobredo Some of us who suffer from a life-changing chronic illness have had to learn a hard lesson.  Some life events cannot be undone. Some diseases have no cure . I’ve had to re-imagine my life path and to navigate what feels like an unforgiving health journey. Those of us who resist letting a disease define us, we do so at great cost. I put on a brave face for as long as necessary so as not to upset the landscape in my new normal . At times, I fear that I might lose myself in the process.