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Playing the Travel Game with a Handicap

by Lu Sobredo How could one with a disability give herself an advantage when traveling? Why not view the word "handicap" to mean as it does in "a race or contest in which certain disadvantages or advantages of weight, distance, time, etc. are placed upon competitors to equalize their chances of winning?"( Web. 29 September 2017). Although I don't consider travel a competition, I do at times feel like I am competing with limitations brought on by my chronic illness. But once I transcend the limitations, I feel like a winner. And from experience, I know this takes forethought and preparation. The prospect of traveling abroad this winter brings on both excitement and consternation. My treating medical specialist is ecstatic beyond belief for me and he has scheduled additional treatment to lessen the level of pain and discomfort in my large joints. Mentally grappling with the discomfort one could encounter in travel is normal. But when one is di

Finding Philippine Art at the Asian Art Museum

by Lu Sobredo Viewing Philippine Art at the Asian Art Museum. ©Lu Sobredo 2017 "Celebrate the rich diversity of Philippine art with 25 compelling works recently added to the Asian Art Museum’s collection. Expressive indigenous carving, jewelry and textiles; Christian devotional statues from the Spanish colonial period; postwar genre and landscape paintings; and contemporary works come together in this intimate exhibition to tell fascinating and complex stories of the Philippines.” ~ Asian Art Museum Introduction I’m surprised to be hanging out on a Thursday afternoon at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco in the middle of summer. Most times, I am there either appreciating some permanent exhibit or being drawn to a special exhibit or event. Sometimes, I could be found simply sitting at the museum Cafe sipping green tea and lingering over an apple almond tart. It is at these moments when I am moved to write. The writing I do these days is for my blog.