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Life With RA: Dance of Pain and Hope

LIFE WITH RA SERIES Article #1 By Lu Sobredo This is my first essay for the recurring feature in my Blog: LIFE WITH RA. The plan is to also include health stories from others who live with and are challenged by a chronic illness. This brief essay is an excerpt from my journal entry in October 2017. I am remembering with deep longing when my body did what it was supposed to; did what I willed it to do. These days, I must give this body a chance to rest in between the simple physical movements: e.g. standing up, walking and sitting.   I labor to achieve these intentional movements that most others take for granted, that I used to take for granted. It has been four years since the physical symptoms received a name, the diagnosis of Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). B io-markers and x-ray images, however, would suggest that I have lived with RA for eight years; the last four years being at its most severe and crippling to date. Since its official diagnosis, I continue learni