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Solace: How Does One Find It--Poem #13

INTRODUCTION Poetry helps me cope during trying times. As images of social injustice and unrest crowd my mind, thoughts unravel and images unwind producing this poem overnight. Some lines came from my rantings on social media; they refuse to stay there. Restlessness has served as stepping stones of courage to express what the heart believes.  I usually pair my poems with a photograph. It would be too cliche to attach this poem to photos I took at the protest in my hometown. I must find solace somehow. This sunset photo of Sausalito, fresh off my husband's camera lens gave me pause. It depicts both beauty and a brewing storm. Seeking Solace Before the Storm. ©James Sobredo. 2020 SOLACE: HOW DOES ONE FIND IT?   How does one find solace in a world of ever growing discordance? When one finds it impossible even to process   heartbreaking events in this time and space,   in this country absent of leadership. A heartbreaking testament of our t