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Conflicted or Brain Fog by Lu Sobredo

 CONFLICTED OR BRAIN FOG? by Lu Sobredo It had to happen in February In the shortest month of the year When the weather does its best imitation Of indecisive magician. It’s winter coat weather at night And early morn Yet the afternoon sun beats on the skin With a vengeance for a short spell To announce spring is coming. Fickleness surrounds fragility. And in my head, fog floats in. But unlike the iconic fog Over the Golden Gate Bridge, A photographer’s dream shot, My brain fog is my personal nightmare. Not to be mistaken for dementia, thank God But disturbing, nonetheless,  Making one forget to connect to virtual meetings Or take daily anti-inflammatory dosage of pills. Yes, my loyal health conscientious friends, I eat and drink anti-inflammatory food routinely  To help me as well. Naturally. Ah, but the numbing pain later in the day,  a potent reminder that natural treatment is not enough. A reminder of what I had forgotten. But wait, did I forget? How would I know with this fog?  Hov