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Health Advocacy Corner: Looking Back, #1

HEALTH ADVOCACY CORNER by Lu Sobredo I have published reflections, memories and thoughts on my health journey for the past four years. HEALTH ADVOCACY CORNER is the latest iteration of a series I published on the topic of autoimmune disease. I mostly wrote about my experience with this crippling disease called Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). The series of articles went under the heading of "My Life with RA." Wanting to advocate for more than my own journey, and for more than RA after undergoing diagnoses and surgeries for other ailments, the title evolved into an expansive advocacy for health in general and for celebrating the journey of living with functionality despite a chronic medical condition. I am happy to introduce the newest series in my blog-- HEALTH ADVOCACY CORNER. LOOKING BACK SEVEN YEARS AGO I joined my hubby between February to March 2013 in the Philippines, my first time in over forty years since I visited there with my folks now long gone. Hubby, a university pro

A New Era: Kindness is Dawning

  A NEW ERA: KINDNESS IS DAWNING There’s no denying it, no way of hiding it that kindness came in short supply these four years. But no longer.  And I can breathe again. As kindness o'er the land shall reign.  The people have spoken. Our voices strong, our cries clear.  And that made the difference,  made possible today’s new dawning-- the return of kindness, soon.  In the people’s house.  In the land we love. Kindness heals. Hate exhausts our spirit.  Today people shouted from rooftops,  car-tops or at the very least  at the top of our voices, with unmistakable beat, joy in our hearts. We are relieved. Yes, we are. We are feeling good again.  Indeed the people spoke up and chose  truth over falsity; caring over malice. It is the right thing, choosing kindness. It is the right time, choosing to heal. Today is testimony to diversity. Diversity  as strength for our country  and as hope for all, not for one or the few,  but for all regardless of what skin  covers our souls. Our countr