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Biko or Sweet Rice Pudding: Fuel for Holiday Angels

  BIKO OR SWEET RICE PUDDING Fuel for Holiday Angels  By Lu Sobredo I associate Christmas with a house filled with the aroma from the kitchen. This morning, the mixture of caramel on the stove with a hint of ginger and vanilla infused in coconut milk woke up images from my youth. Usually a few days of preparation when my folks were still with us is now down to a couple of days, with only my darling hubby, our dear son and me at home; and with the Rheumatoid Arthritis trying to rule the day. I’ve reduced the tradition to a few items. Number one on the list that I make in advance of Christmas Eve when my wrists and fingers would cooperate is Biko Aklanon-Visayan style). I often get asked for the recipe. I share the ingredients and steps below for anyone to use as the basic essentials. I get everything done while on my laptop waiting for the sweet rice to cook in the rice cooker, then becoming fully engaged over the stove when stirring the caramel sauce. INGREDIENTS 2 heaping cups of raw