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Life With RA: Pain & Other Challenges When Traveling

LIFE WITH RA SERIES Article #2 By Lu Sobredo Thinking about winter or summer travel... The process of preparing for a vacation abroad, and the forethought required are akin to searching for the strongest version of myself, one with a padded soul that could absorb unexpected jolt and dilemma unique to the disabled. The following is an excerpt from a very personal essay about taking an extended summer vacation abroad three years after a diagnosis of a crippling disease called Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). My present goal is to experience a vacation abroad in the  cold of winter, no less. An experiment of sorts to see how this RA stricken body could take it. ~ Lu Sobredo As a person with RA, I face debilitating physical symptoms; complex issues surrounding treatment and medications, and a vulnerability towards feelings of dejection. These three areas of challenges surrounding my illness have compelled me to explore for a set of solutions that works. Doing so reduced anxiety about trave