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Happy Eating on a Budget in Spain

by Lu Sobredo Memories of Food in Europe The light buttery croissant melted joyfully in my mouth at breakfast in Paris, I couldn’t possibly have eaten just one. The titillating taste of homemade lemon gelato soaked in the tongue in unrestrained frolic. That was just to cleanse the palate before dinner while in Varenna. While in Stavanger, I deliberately closed my eyes to savor the freshly cooked fish, still hot to the touch. It was fish-and-chips unlike any other I had ever tasted which triggered images of sea to table ala farm to table.  It was fresh, moist, flaky and seasoned simply yet perfectly. I still remember the pleasure from every bite. But even with the many precious memories of food that delighted my senses in Paris, France; Varenna, Italy or Stavenger, Norway on our family vacations before a chronic illness nearly consumed my life starting 2013, it was the food in Spain during my 2010 and 2016 travels that left my tastebuds longing for the experience once I returne