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Sausalito: A Hidden Gem In San Francisco Bay

by Lu Sobredo
The landscapes of the Mediterranean regions are comprised of towns in Italy, Spain, Greece, France, Croatia, and others. They are a photographer’s dream. To me, they conjure up beaches, mild climate and gourmet treats.
What if I tell you that you can visit a small Mediterranean village without leaving the United States’ mainland. Interested? Just come to California. Northern California that is.
In the San Francisco Bay Area immediately North of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge you will find nestled in the hillsides by the Bay, the town ofSausalito. It was a shipyard-building site in World War II, although you would hardly find a trace of it. Today’s Sausalito is site to multi-million dollar homes on the hillsides, houseboats and yachts on the bayside, and not much in between except for a few modest sailboats in and around Richardson Bay.

My favorite time to take a stroll on the promenade in Sausalito’sdowntown is at sunrise. It is the perfect time to look out across the Bay t…