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12 Hints for Seniors Who Travel

By Lu Sobredo Growing old is not a joke. In my younger years, I heard elders say: growing old is not for wimps. To this I add—growing old with a chronic illness is not for the weak-minded.  And may I remind our loved ones to please be patient with us when we move a lot slower than before, show signs of  fatigue easily, or speak and think as if in a fog. Even when young, if you have a chronic illness, these symptoms are the heartbreaking reality of the disease along with constant pain that we navigate everyday.  Almost two years ago, I created my blog to serve the disabled community especially those afflicted with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). I was thrilled about the warm reception it received. Requests from readers for topics inspired me to explore new themes. It’s gratifying to hear that the blog posts have helped those with a variety of limitations that otherwise would have hampered travel possibilities. Many readers who don’t have a chronic illness have found useful hints helpfu