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Café at Noon: Poem #3

Letting the Mind Travel POEM 3:2020 By Lu Sobredo INTRODUCTION Winter 2019 has not been kind to my well-being. Although the tumor turned out to be benign, the skull is still healing from the brain surgery in March 2019. Spurts of raw throbbing pain visit to remind me, it hasn’t yet been a year since that significant event.   Pain and limited mobility from a six-year old diagnosis of Severe   Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) have surfaced frequently. Thoughts of real travel is the farthest thing from my plans.   Spain in winter 2018 seems like a distant memory, but warms the inside sufficiently to lift my spirits. The Coronavirus scare must be taken seriously by one who is afflicted by a chronic autoimmune disease, medications for which suppress the   immune system. When all the forces re-align in the universe, next travel must include another visit to Spain, Italy and Switzerland in Europe; a first time visit to Taiwan and South Korea in Asia.   For now, I am going wi