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Treasure-Find in Spain by Lu Sobredo

 TREASURE-FIND IN SPAIN By Lu Sobredo The meshing of the modern and of the medieval. That is Toledo, Spain. That was my takeaway this Spring 2024. The rays of the setting sun bathe the hillsides. Artful shadows form on one structure onto another accentuating contrast between light and dark. A transformation that still takes my breath away. Toledo, Spain has captivated my imagination since I was introduced to this photogenic medieval city in the summer of 2010.  We mostly took day trips in the earlier years of our visits. In 2021, it was time to splurge a little and stay a few nights at the Parador de Toledo, a monastery turned hotel in the old city. The lone structure that sits the highest almost atop the hillsides. The view of the Parador from the city center at night is ethereal with multiple windows illuminated, appearing like eyes from the past peering at the grandeur of the old city below. A photographer’s dream: my husband was in his element. A dreamer’s dream come true for me as