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PREVIEW: Finding Philippine Art at the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco

 by Lu Sobredo Consider this a PREVIEW to a blog post in process. I am in the middle of writing an essay that celebrates art in my life, in my family's life, and more importantly, art in the Filipino American community in the San Francisco Bay area. I am celebrating a triumph of sorts, of finding an exhibit of Philippine Art after about ten years of visiting the Museum and yearning to see something that connects with my ancestry and culture. And now, it is here--Philippine Art: Collecting Memories, Collecting Art at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. Another Visit to the Asian Art Museum. ©Lu Sobredo, 2017 Excerpt from the draft of the essay: ... INTRODUCTION Even I’m surprised to be hanging out on a Thursday afternoon at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco in the middle of summer. I am there either appreciating some permanent exhibit, or being drawn to a special exhibit. Sometimes, I could be found simply sitting at the Cafe of the museum, sipping green tea an

5 Reasons for Visiting 5 Small Towns in Spain: A Five-Part-Series, Part III--Toledo

by Lu Sobredo Taking a long vacation abroad is a treat of a lifetime. Grateful that my family has had these treats several times and we intend to continue the practice.   When   traveling to Europe or Asia, my family plans for at least a month or more to explore and relax. We plan our vacation time so each day is not filled with too many activities. There’s always time reserved for everything: my husband James to attend a university-related conference, conduct his scholarly research, visit with friends or family, and connect with and make new friends. He's made friends in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Florence, Munich, Stavanger, Hongkong and Metro Manila. When in Spain, when we get our fill of the sounds and sights of a major metropolitan, we have learned to take short trips to small towns away from madding and extreme crowds.   So where could travelers escape and try their best to stay on a modest budget? This five-part series is dedicated to embracing small towns f