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The Basque Country: A Day in Bayonne, France

By Lu Sobredo Readers may have noticed that Lu Travels Abroad Blog has been overwhelmingly about Spain. So far. This is not surprising to family and close friends. After all, Spain is where we visit often. Spain is what we consider our other home country. Even though Spain was not even on my family’s radar when we began vacationing in Europe, a confluence of circumstances took my husband James to Spain for the first time 12 years ago. He then took the whole family about 9 years ago. And we never looked back, only forward to frequent visits. Being there feels like being home. You know what makes Spain an ideal site for exploring Europe? Other than the opportunity to spend time with our Spanish friends who are now part of our extended family, or delight in the food and be mesmerized by the landscape? Its proximity to other European countries. Our time in the Basque Country early 2018 made us realize how convenient it was to also explore nearby places we’ve read about in tou