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Life With RA: What A Day Looks And Feels Like

LIFE WITH RA: WHAT A DAY LOOKS AND FEELS LIKE Article #4 By Lu Sobredo In the LIFE WITH RA SERIES for my blog, I share experiences surrounding my diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and the many lessons learned living with the disease. I have also lined up stories from others with their own unique medical challenges and personal ways of coping.  Additionally, it dawned on me that this travel/health blog series and related topics in my blog site Lu Travels Abroad might also appeal to you if retired, planning to retire or embracing the baby boomer years with freedom & resources to travel. If there are topics of interest to you that you want me to look into and cover, feel free to make suggestions through Facebook comment or message section. Layover in Dallas En Route to Madrid, Spain. ©James Sobredo This fourth post for the  series is about RA with a focus on travel. This series is now a regular feature. The focus could vary from time to time. This, in addi